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 Very unique affiliate program with awesome ratio up to 60%

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Very unique affiliate program with awesome ratio up to 60% Empty
PostSubject: Very unique affiliate program with awesome ratio up to 60%   Very unique affiliate program with awesome ratio up to 60% Icon_minitime5/20/2015, 16:25

Very unique affiliate program with awesome ratio up to 60%

ProxyListPro.com is leading service of unblocking access to access restricted websites. The service allows surfer to unlock access to Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, Youtube, Adult (e.g. porn) and other sites. Though the service is very popular among regular users and professional web-masters, there are still some people who do not know that affiliate program of "ProxyListPro.com" gives an unique chance to everyone to make serious money in fast and easy way.

Advantages of affiliate program "ProxyListPro.com"
- Income from sales. You will get 40% from every sale you make
- Income from your referrals. You will get 10% from every sale done by your referral
- Second tier income (get 50% from your sales and 10% from your referrals)
- Most active affiliates can claim for increased ratio up to 60% per sale
- The amount of access restricted websites is growing everyday thus the popularity of service "ProxyListPro.com" will grow accordingly. Be among the first affiliates who can make really easy money
- Many affiliate programs offer only one time payment while ProxyListPro.com offers you passive growing income. What does it mean? Restricted access is restricted access and won't disappear from one's computer. Make user subscribe once and get your 50% share from his recurring payments.
- Huge and wide selection of promo materials: (banners, hotlinks, best selling articles to post on various forums, social networks)

Let's leave theory and calculate how much you can earn from one customer/subscriber per year

Let's start from package "1 month"

If you make sale you get: 11.52 $/100*50= 4.60$
If your referral makes sale you get: 11.52 $/100*10= 1.15$

In other words, if you make only one sale and your referral makes only one but after you both decided to quit, you will still receive your share as following 4.60 $ + 1.15 $ = 5.75$ and per year *12= 69 $ Sounds awesome, right? That's the main advantage of "ProxyListPro.com" affiliate program. Even if you make very little sales and quit you will still receive your money chequee

Now let's calculate what you will get with increased ratio: 11.52 $/100*60 + 1.15 = 8.06$*12 = 96.74$ In other words you will get two hundred bucks just for one sale and one sale done by your referral. And now imagine what you can earn if you make 10-20 sales per month? Post advertising on your Facebook page about unblock solution and relax in your arm-chair. The money will be delivered right to your wallet

Also, all your customers can order additional services like buying extra traffic or asking to unblock access to certain website which will lead you to extra income at the end.

All you need is to spend little time of yours, the rest we will do. We will make sure that all customers you bring will leave as much money as he can. Only with affiliate program "ProxyListPro.com" you can expect maximal revenue with lowest ever efforts spent. Give it a try, it won't cost you a penny. You are just two mouse clicks ahead to your new, full of money life.

Available packages:
1 month subscription - 11.52 USD
3 months subscription - 30.75 USD
6 months subscription – 49.99 USD
12 months subscription - 78.60 USD
Make sales by your own or concentrate on gathering referrals, in both ways you will earn some huge and easy cash

Top selling websites:
Unblock Facebook http://member.proxylistpro.com/aff/go/poster911/?i=16
Unblock Yotube-а http://member.proxylistpro.com/aff/go/poster911/?i=20
Hide My IP http://member.proxylistpro.com/aff/go/poster911/?i=26
Unblock Adult webiste http://member.proxylistpro.com/aff/go/poster911/?i=27
Websites are supported in all major languages so feel free to offer the product to all available countries

Got interested? Click on the link below to register
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Very unique affiliate program with awesome ratio up to 60%
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