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 Things to learn from Sportsbetting (psychology tips)

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Things to learn from Sportsbetting (psychology tips) Empty
PostSubject: Things to learn from Sportsbetting (psychology tips)   Things to learn from Sportsbetting (psychology tips) Icon_minitime2/9/2018, 17:22

Things to learn from Sportsbetting (psychology tips) Sports Things to learn from Sportsbetting (psychology tips) Mobile

Apart from it’s easy way of moneymaking and the risk it has to offer, sportsbetting has its  lessons to teach.
The art of gambling gives you a taste of winning and turns you into a winner. Including the risk, the wins you get from gambling tastes way much sweeter and is more exciting than winning a local sports game or debate competition. Or getting a Date.
When money is involved, things become more serious than usual. For example:
Do you know why health experts advice you to go to a gym instead of excercising at home? Its because, in gym you are paying a monthly rate which is helping you to look good. You get two options. Either A) walk a mile and give your money some meaning or B) stay at home and let the gym have your money free of services. If you are determined to look better, you will definitely take option A. If you don’t, you might as well quit right now and try excercising at home. And home is where you get LAZY. Because you have so much options to laze around instead of working hard.
So, the bottom line is, you won’t look good unless you invest in your looks. The same goes in gambling too.

You won’t become a winner, if you don’t invest.

Gambling also teaches you to make decisions.
You won’t be serious about winning if you don’t have a limited amount of hardly earned money.  For example: A millionaire guy who hits the casino IS THERE because he first of all, needs to showoff to people around him; and then second of all, win some money. He is not serious about winning it. He just came to have a drink, hook up with some girls and have a good time. But yes, Millionaires will definitely take his lessons from the loss to his business. Thats how he is a millionaire in the first place.
Anyway, on the other hand if you are not a rich guy hitting  the casino, you will be serious as any other serious guy out there about winning. You will observe more and try more to win. The decision on when to put out your last resort is what gambling teahes you too. Also how much do you value your last resort. And you know what, any expert gamblers and sportbetters out there does this same thing. They never go bet/gamble thinking “pfff...its just some money for entertainment. No big deal.” NO.

They say that after they have played hard, and was serious about winning but still they lost. To calm down.  And to come back next day improved and well learned from his loss. This is also one kind of decision making. Some decide to celebrate by drinking and sobbing all night you know. Which is BAD.
And yes, once you are an expert, you might not take gamblings as seriously as you have taken it in your first year, but you will develop a Cool Calm way of seriousness. That lets you calculate the odds on your favour, with no pressure in your head and make decisions faster and cleaner. In other Words You will develop an intelligence that is called
Risky Intelligence. An intellectual capacity which is prone to winning and good decision making. Its not over-confidence, but might become over-confidence depending on how you handle it.  But for most parts, know that the expert gamblers are experts because their Risky intelligence is above average. Sportsbetting and gambling might be about luck, but its also about proper mind set up.

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Things to learn from Sportsbetting (psychology tips)
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